Saturday, March 13, 2010

Editing Fun on a Friday

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I managed a solid five hours of editing time at my favorite non-home spot after running errands yesterday. Went through two laptop batteries in the process. *sigh* My little 710m Inspiron's battery has been used and abused in the last four years so it's life is about half of what it was when I bought it. Luckily, DH also has 700 series for work, so he let me borrow his battery. A new battery is on my wish list, but then so is 2011's RWA National Covention in New York.

Anyway. . .

The editing process is fun and painful at the same time. Fun because the basic story is there. You don't have to worry about getting stuck or making a wrong turn and backtracking. Painful because you need to track down every little problem.

It's not the spelling and grammar errors I have problems with. It's the little continuity crap that kills me. Example: Love Interest mentions Past Incident involving Heroine and Best Friend. The purpose of scene is to show Love Interest's desire to know Heroine and Heroine's greater trust of Love Interest and how she starts to open up to him emotionally. Then I realize there's no way Love Interest could know about Past Incident because when I wrote the previous scene, Love Interest wasn't in a position to overhear or be involved in the discussion about Past Incident. Ack!

So I rewrote both scenes to make more sense.

Like I said before, I'm one of the strange writers who ends up adding words, not just taking them out.

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