Sunday, July 25, 2010

Business Tip No. 2 - The Dangers of Gossip

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Friends and acquaintances here in Houston are packing up (some are even on planes already) to head for the Romance Writers of America National Conference in Orlando, Florida this week. Whether you're a newbie or a pubbed, one very important thing to remember while you're at the conference--WATCH WHAT YOU SAY.

I'm not saying be less than honest, but don't have a case of diarrhea of the mouth. And whatever you do, don't say anything negative about a person. If you're having a difficulty with, say an agent or an editor, there are appropriate ways to handle any differences with that person. Loudly proclaiming that person an asshole in the middle of the hotel bar after a few too many wine spritzers is not it. And trust me, Murphy's Law dictates that the person you're dissing to your best bud while you're in the restroom WILL BE in the stall next to you.

Unfortunately, this stuff happens in every industry. Last night, I had the joy of watching the new girl at the day job make enemies and generally look like a total bitch by not handling a relatively minor matter with some discretion.

So keep that in mind when you head to any conference. And if your best bud tells you to cool it while you're out in public, please listen to him/her. The career you save may be your own.

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