Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy 2010 Birthday to Me!

Currently reading - Small Jobs by Jim Butcher

As I was re-reading last year's birthday post, I had to laugh at the goal for this year.  Both the pies and the lasagna had been baked two days before because I knew I'd be working the day job the entire weekend.  Unfortunately, I paid for my forward thinking with a stomach bug yesterday.  Blech!

On the bright side, I did much better on my writing accomplishments since the last b-day.

-  One first draft completed
-  Another completed manuscript edited
-  Added 10+K to last year's aborted NaNo attempt
- Came up with too many ideas which are now sitting in various files
- Sent out 13 queries
- Personally pitched 3 agents (1 full & 2 partials requested)

Goal I'm hoping to accomplish for the next year?  Finding an agent!

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