Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

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There was a time when I loved Black Friday.  My sister and I would be up at 6AM, pick up our grandmother and head into town.  Of course, this was back in the day when a store opening at 7AM was highly unusual.  We'd get a majority of our holiday shopping done, then head to Bob Evans for breakfast.  (Which by the way, still serves cornmeal mush.  I love Bob's!)

This morning, you can't pay me enough to go out shopping, even if I wasn't coughing up a lung.  What started as a fun little tradition has turned into a free-for-all that puts Ultimate Fighting matches to shame.  Last year, a security guard was trampled to death when shoppers stormed the LOCKED DOORS of an East Coast Wal-Mart.  Turns out a riot is stronger than the bolts holding glass doors to a concrete frame.

What is it with the human race?  In the grand scheme of things, does it make a difference if little Johnny is the first kid on the block to get a Wii or whatever is this year's must-have item?

Any of you braving the hordes today?


  1. No. I stayed home on Friday. I never ever go shopping the day after Thanksgiving; I don't care of they're giving stuff away for free, it's not worth the insanity.

    The Target across from us was opening up at 4am, and people were lining up at 6pm on Thursday. In Seattle. In freezing temperatures. In the rain. o_O


  2. Smart girl!

    Got to say I only had two crazies to deal with this weekend--a very good ratio for Thanksgiving.