Thursday, December 16, 2010

Headaches, Brainstorms & BIC

Currently reading - Poison Kisses by Stephanie Draven

I was MIA from the blog yesterday due to a lovely combination of exhaustion from working six days straight and weather headaches.  When the barometer jumps around like it does here in Houston, the pressure change sets off sinus headaches that rival migraines.  Not fun.  It's a wonder I don't have liver damage from the constant popping of acetaminophen the last couple of weeks.

My condition was marginally better than Classy Christie Craig's.  We'd planned to meet for a brainstorming session, but the poor girl broke a tooth Tuesday and had a grand old time at the dentist.  As she put it, she still suffered from an anesthetic hangover.

Despite our less-than-spectacular conditions, we met for Mexican and plot hashing.  Two hours later, we'd figured out my hero's inner conflict and layed out the mystery framework of Christie's wip.  The best part  is we both felt a lot better as we walked into the parking lot.

So when someone tells you that you have to work through the tough parts, it's not just a line of bullshit.  Keep your butt in the chair.  If you're still having trouble, switch to another chair.  And sometimes it helps to have someone in the chair on the other side of the table.

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  1. Just think how much we could have accomplished if we'd opened my gift of Vodka, or had couple of margaritas. Then again, we'd had another hangover later. LOL.