Friday, August 19, 2011

Status Update - August 2011

Currently reading - Heartless by Gail Carriger (MMPB)

Here's the numbers for all three of my books available for the month of July:

Amazon - 24
Barnes & Noble - 5
Smashwords - 1
XinXii - 0

Total books for July: 30
Total books for 2011: 85

For monthly comparisons, I listed previous months numbers in the July Status Update.

Except for June's hiccup, I've seen an increase each month. I already know August's numbers will be slightly skewed thanks to the free business plan guide I put out as a companion to the blog series I did at Indie U last week. (Go to Pitch University for the exclusive coupon code to get the business plan guide free from Smashwords.)

In the meantime, back to work on Seasons of Magick: Summer because I want to get this story published before, well, the end of summer. Click here for a sneak peek at the first chapter.

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