Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Lovin'

Today's holiday blog is brought to you by NWHRWA president emeritus and pirate wench, Jennifer Bray-Weber.

Some believe Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love. According to my husband, Valentine’s Day should be renamed Commercialism Day, meant to test men’s adequacy at expressing their feelings while draining their wallets. But I digress, and this post isn’t about the February holiday. It’s Christmas, and Christmas is the holiday of love.

Sure, Christmas is the season of giving, celebrations, and good will towards men. It’s a time of magic, twinkling lights, and the much anticipated 24 hour A Christmas Story marathon. Did I mention it’s a time for love? Not the kind of love shared with family and friends. The other kind.

Let me explain.

On Christmas Day waaaay back in ’88, I met a boy and before the day was over, fell in love. Stupid, head-over heels in monkey love. We were starry-eyed eighteen-year olds and soon, we were engaged. I didn’t marry the boy, but that didn’t diminish the special memory of him and that Christmas Day.

A couple of years later, my heart played tug-of-war between two mischievous guys on the naughty list. That was the Christmas my stocking was filled with professions of love. My open sleigh runneth over, and like any spooked female filly, I ran the other way—far, far away, with bells on bob-tail ringing.

Fast forward a hand full of years to a Christmas party. Picture if you will a rowdy office shin-dig. And as all rowdy, butt-Xeroxing, drunken office parties go, things got a little out of hand. Most especially when the man I was dating got on bended knee and asked for my hand in marriage. See the trend? There was definitely something in the eggnog. I had to put a stop to this madness. So I married him.

Now factor in a couple of children into the equation, both born in the month of September. What does late summer babies have to do with Christmas? If you do the math you’ll know that both children were conceived during the season of giving. Boy, was he giving. Because child #2 was a complete holiday gift (a.k.a. surprise!), my husband has decided to become a religious man during Christmas, specifically a celibate monk, not even breathing in my general direction for fear of getting me pregnant.

Now you see why I call Christmas the holiday of love. It’s also the season for traffic tickets. But that’s a topic for another blog.

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  1. I always knew eggnog caused weight gain.

  2. Humm, very interesting, one of my children was born in September and the other three in October. (leaving out #4 who was born in May-but that is another story) However, Jenn you are so right, there is something very romantic about cuddling up on a sofa to watch old Christmas movies, or sitting by a fire or ....

  3. Hi Suzan! Thanks again for hosting me today. Glad you enjoy my friend. He is, isn't he?

    @Susan M. - I've traded in the eggnog for rum. Not sure if that is better or worse. ;-)

    @Ruth - Watching old Christmas movies, yeah, we'll go with that. Ha! However, it sounds like ringing in the New Year was a bit more romantic for you. Better lay off the champagne.

  4. What a wonderful blog!! Loved hearing about your Christmas Men, Jenn! BTW: Monkey love has a lot of different meanings...LOL.

  5. I also have wonderful memories of love around Christmas. My boyfriend in college, who later became my fiancee, gave me a gift for the 12 days of Christmas our first year together. Each day I had something small to open at my parents' house in Texas. On Christmas Eve, while we were celebrating my grandparents' anniversary, up drove a blue Mustang and out got my boyfriend. He told his mom he wouldn't be there for Christmas and he drove from New Orleans to Nacogdoches that evening. (I don't think his mom ever forgave me for that one!)He was my last gift and the best one ever. We were together for 3 years and unofficially for 2 more. (It's complicated.)The sight of that car pulling into the driveway made my heart melt- it still puts a smile on my face as I remember back to that time.

  6. @Tess - pick whatever meaning you have for monkey love and I'm sure it will fit perfectly for what *I* meant. LOL!

    @Stacey - Awwwww.... how cool is that?! Boy, you sure know how to pick the romantic ones. Lucky, lucky girl. :-)

  7. @Susan - There are too many jokes floating through my head in answer to your statement.

    @Ruth - I kind of figured your daughters took after you.

    @Tess - Okay, between you and Susan, I'm having trouble keeping my responses clean.

    @Stacey - I knew you were a big marshmallow inside. *grin*

    @Jenn - Thanks so much for guest blogging!