Friday, March 2, 2012


It's been a effing crazy week. Not just at our house, but all over the world. Is there something in the air?

I'm waiting for one last prop to be delivered before DH can shoot the cover for Amish, Vamps & Thieves.

A couple of mornings were spent hiding in the corner at the coffee shop just to get pages done for Seasons of Magick: Autumn.

Folks are already asking when my alter-ego's next book is coming out. The first one was published only three weeks ago.

I sliced open my pinky finger at the Day Job. Not on the box cutter, but the box itself. I had a bad reaction to a new maintenance drug (I'm building up a tolerance to the current one), and spent three days worshipping the porcelain god. Then to top it off, I really dropped the ball on some cross-promoting with another author.

Tax documents are piled all over the kitchen table. The deadline to get them to our accountant was yesterday. I forgot to pay the registration renewal for one of our cars which expired Wednesday. DH literally broke a molar in half. Microsoft is giving us grief, refusing to repair GK's out-of-warranty xBox and refusing to refund my money for the repairs they never performed.

The only bright spot? My sales numbers for February alone beat the entire year of 2011.

I hope a few more people buy my books because I really need a vacation.


  1. Hope things get better for you! Heavens, you've been through the ringer!

  2. LOL Tess, any one thing at one time, I would have shrugged off.

    The most annoying thing was the difficulty typing while trying to do taxes. You don't realize how much you use a pinky until its unavailable.

    I plan to console myself with a serious effort to finish Autumn on Monday, followed by Ghostrider II.