Tuesday, May 8, 2012

TxDOT v. Christie Craig, et. al. - The End?

The attorneys have settled the lawsuit, and life goes on for Christie, Grand Central and Barnes & Noble. The terms are confidential. If I knew, I couldn't tell you.  *wink*

What I can say is that Don't Mess with Texas is going back for another printing. You'll see it on the shelves of your local bookstore soon. Or you can download a copy now from your favorite e-book retailer.

In the meantime, Blame It on Texas will be out in August. I can't wait. You see, Tyler has a special place in my heart as the computer geek of the agency.

The real question is whether TxDOT will ever own up to wasting my money on a frivolous lawsuit. Honestly, I doubt it. But I would like to remind certain elected officials in Austin that November 6th is less than six months away.

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