Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Latest Industry News

Barnes & Noble delivered some disappointing fourth quarter results. Officially, execs blamed the numbers on the heavy post-Christmas returns from third-party retailers. To me, part of the problem lies in the roll-out of the Glowlight Nook. B&N built up demand, then failed to deliver the product on time. Posting huge signs in the stores saying the Glowlight is sold out when you never had them in the stores to begin with isn't cool, B&N.

Speaking of the Nook, or maybe failure of speaking about it is the key here, Microsoft announced their new tablet, the Surface. Yep, no mention of the Nook, which MS bought into, or of content for the Surface, which MS's partner B&N could provide. And seriously, guys? You couldn't come up with a cooler name than "The Surface?"

Author Solutions is touting a "revolutionary" idea, a card with a QR code to giveaway free e-books. Stealing an idea from Dean Wesley Smith that's over a year old does not make it revolutionary, guys.

And if the Big Six are so healthy, why is HarperCollins releasing a big chunk of their sales force? I don't care how "respected and beloved" an employee is, getting laid off still sucks.

On the fun side, Passive Guy is taking a much deserved vacation, but he has lots of fabulous guest bloggers over at The Passive Voice. Go take a gander!

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