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Friday, February 1, 2013

Stephen King Admits Reading 50 Shades of Gray

Well, the post title got your attention, didn't it? LOL

Seriously, here's video of King's Q&A with masters students at UMass Lowell before the big program he did at the university last December. And yes, he does discuss Fifty Shades of Gray.


  1. I must be honest. Never read Fifty Shades, never saw, nor do I wish to see, sparkling vampires.

  2. You aren't missing much, Ivy. First of all, it's mislabeled as BDSM erotica when it's not. And second, there's a lot better BDSM erotica out there. It's just funny listenting to King discuss it with this masters class.

    And I won't even touch sparkly vampires.

  3. I will have to move over to Tim's computer and give this a listen.