Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Total Stranger Outed Robert Galbraith

An update to yesterday's post:

I was totally wrong! The lawyer did it! Sort of...

Chris Gossage, a partner at the British law firm Russells, told his wife, who then told her best friend Judith Callegari. Callegari sent the tweet, but Gossage may have just ruined his firm's reputation. Who's going to trust a lawyer who can't keep his mouth shut?

And what the hell possessed a total stranger to out J.K. Rowling as Robert Galbraith? Unresolved writer-wannabe issues?


  1. Bet they had a big fight that night.

  2. The sad part is there's no winner in this mess, Whisk.

  3. She probably just thought everyone would think she was KEWL! for having juicy gossip first. [eyeroll]

    I hope the lawyer and her (presumably ex-) friend sue her ass off when HE gets fired, and possibly disbarred.


  4. Angie, from some of the news reports, Callegari is in hiding and the British rags are camped on her doorstep. The only way she could have pissed off more people is if she walked up and bitch-slapped the queen.

    It's Gossage though that really enrages me. I handled a messy situation for one of my sisters-in-law, and didn't breathe a word to DH. You just don't do that when you're an attorney!