Monday, December 9, 2013

The 26 Days of Christmas IS Interrupted for the Mother of All Rants

Well, I made it to December 9th before someone (or in this case, more than one someone) did something really stupid. I tried to be positive this holiday season.

Really. I did.

1) Posting links to your blog on someone else's is rude. Begging me more than once to let you write a guest post is rude. Here's the deal at WWW: if I don't know you personally, get involved in the conversation and leave a few comments. If you have no idea what's going on here, then you shouldn't be asking. Once I get to know you, we'll talk.

2) If you want something from someone, say 'please.' It's not begging. It's not a cultural thing. It's called common courtesy. If you can't use 'please' when requesting a favor from me, I'm not going to fucking do another thing for you. Capice?

3) If you leave a comment here on a post that's over a week old, you will get a message saying "Awaiting moderation." That means the comment won't appear until I check and release it. And frankly, I work full-time, so that means, when I get a chance. I've had enough problems with spambots, so fans OF OTHER WRITERS probably should not leave repeated messages.

I mean, seriously, dudes? That's insulting.

4) If you're an indie writer, I can no longer recommend Draft2Digital as a distributor. Frankly, the issues I'm having, above and beyond the Kernel Pornocalypse, need their own post for the details. And since the matter has yet to be resolved, the full details will have to wait for another day.

Rant complete. Please resume your holiday merriment.

(And yes, I will fucking say, "Happy Holidays," if I damn well feel like it!)


  1. I laughed at the very end.

    I have my coupon email and from time to time I get an email from someone who wants to put an ad on my blog, and how much are my rates. I haven't answered not one of those emails. And never has one even known my name, which, if you don't know me, might be hard to find. But that's just it, they don't know me. And I'm not interested in them.

    1. Well, I'm glad I made you laugh, Whisk. I've had a bad case of Stupid People Syndrome lately. I went out to dinner with a friend last night, but I'm sad because she's moving to New Foundland and I probably won't see her for three years.

    2. Hopefully you'll get to video skype. But I know, that's not the same. Sorry you are sad.

  2. Yeah, I just love it when strangers want to do a guest post on my blog. If they seem to have any clue whatsoever, and if they're polite, I'll ask them to write something for me and I'll see whether I think it's appropriate. So far it never has been, and I don't care if The Stranger gets all bent out of shape over the twenty minutes they spent banging out some piece of shallow, inappropriate crap was totally wasted. [eyeroll]

    You really have to wonder about some people. Except I suspect they're either comment spammers who are trying to socially hack the system (which I wouldn't even mind if they gave me some worthwhile material), or they're angsty newbies who've read a bazillion blog posts about how you should guest post everywhere to up your own discoverability, and they have no clue how to go about it like a civilized person. Either way, no my problem. :/


    PS -- I'm behind on my blogs. Been sick for like the last month, and now I've got this infected thing on my arm that's driving me crazy too. :(

    1. Damn, Angie, we need to get you healthy. You've had a rough time lately.

      You're much nicer than me. If it's a young writer, who's a but clueless, I tell them guest blogs are by invitation only and then exactly what I said above.

      Unfortunately, I've been getting a lot of requests from companies that offer "self-publishing services." ARGH!