Friday, November 14, 2014

Do You Love Steampunk Like I Love Steampunk?

You guys know I don't pimp books that often, but I've discovered a new author I adore. Ava Morgan writes steampunk and fantasy. She has an incredible steampunk series called the Curiosity Chronicles.

The first in the series, The Lady Machinist is a delightful, romantic-fantasy romp. Think Leia and Han in a 19th century setting, except Han's the diplomat and Leia's the genius mechanic. It's action and adventure and biting wit without everyone being hung up on Victorian manners and propriety. (Really, it's a super, major plus because I've read too many books that sound like history textbooks.) Ava does a fabulous job of relaying her story that make you want to jump to the next book, which is...

The Armored Doctor. It's on sale for $0.99, but even better, Ava is participating in The Indie Steampunk Book Extravaganza 2 over at Facebook. There's contests and prizes, and there's more steampunk authors I'm dying to check out!

Don't worry, regular readers! I'll address the Amazon-Hatchette settlement on Monday. Have a wonderful steampunk reading weekend!

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