Friday, June 12, 2015

Women in Science Fiction and in Real Science

I was going to talk about something entirely different today, but it's been a bizarre week for the intersection of women, sexism, science and fiction.

Kris Rusch talked about how women were quite prevalent in science fiction writing until the last twenty or so years in her blog post, Hidden Treasures. She goes on to lament how much work is being lost as the public switches from print to digital. To counteract the obscurity, she has started a website, Women in Science Fiction.

Kris's efforts came to my attention at the same time I heard Nobel-winning scientist Tim Hunt make some rather sexist remarks concerning the need for gender-segregated labs because female scientists were too distracting.

#DistractinglySexy pictures flooded Twitter, and AJ+ put them together in a highly amusing video.

Sometimes, laughter is the best response to stupidity.


  1. Great vid. :D

    It's amazing how many brilliant people can be ridiculously stupid about things outside their area of specialization. [eyeroll]


    1. It was the stupidest excuse for not doing work that I've heard from pretty much anybody.

      Can you imagine telling your editor that you didn't finish a piece because the hot neighbor distracted you when he mowed his lawn while he was shirtless? *smh*