Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Movie Mania - X-Men: Apocalypse

I'm a die-hard X-Men fan. I have been since the '70's. This is another movie that isn't as bad as fanboys and critics make it out to be, but it's not as great as it could have been either.

And it's pretty bad when DH, who hasn't read any of my massive collection, calls out a play long before it happened.

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1) It was WONDERFUL to see Storm and Psylocke cut loose with their powers. Especially after the way, Storm was neutered in the first three movies.

2) Once again, Evan Peters' Quicksilver steals the show, this time to Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams".

3) One last, not-so-secret, special team appearance (sort of) by Hugh Jackman before he hangs up his claws for good.

1) I was bored through most of the movie. To me, that's the worst sin any form of entertainment can make.

2) The lack of a character arc for Apocalypse himself. You don't hire an incredible actor like Oscar Isaacs, then give him nothing to work with.

3) Remember my comment above about DH? When Scott approaches Jean after getting his ruby quartz glasses for the first time, DH leans over and whispers to me, "Jean's going to go Red [sic] Phoenix on Apocalypse's ass." When a non-fan can call out a plot point nearly an hour before it happens, then how the hell is the movie team going to surprise the diehards?

So overall, X-Men: Apocalypse didn't suck, but it wasn't the greatest comic book/superhero movie ever either. It's bad when I look more forward to the next episode of the new TV-series Preacher.
I have to give X-Men 6 stars out of 10.

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