Friday, July 21, 2017

My First Book Signing...

...was pretty much how I expected. It was held in the basement of the local library in a small town so we didn't get a lot of foot traffic.

I sold a grand total of four books, two to one of DH's aunts. Apparently my MIL who recently passed, and a bit of a gossip hound, was too embarrassed to tell the extended family I no longer practiced law and was now a writer.

Even though it's been over ten years since I left my last legal employer. LOL

I met a few writers, some potential readers and the library staff. I gave away fifteen bookmarks with coupon codes for a free e-book copy of Blood Magick. I didn't immediately come out ahead, but have hopes that maybe some of the folks will download my first in the Bloodlines series and then buy the rest of the novels.

The best thing was the attention my covers garnered, even from people who don't like fantasy. The attraction justifies my decision to have Elaina redo the Bloodlines covers and do the Justice covers. That in itself was worth the money I put into the event.

Will I do another book signing? Maybe. I'm not sure right now. I think I need more books out before I try again.

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