Friday, August 11, 2017

Channeling Speedy Gonzales!

For those of us a certain age in the United State, Looney Tunes was a Saturday morning staple. Especially certain heroes such as Speedy Gonzales. Not only could he outrun his foes, he outsmarted them, too. When I was a kid, I wanted to run as fast as Speedy. Now that I'm a middle-aged writer, I wish I could type as fast as him.

Actually, I'm pretty much in the middle as far as writing speed goes. That's somewhere between a novel every ten years and three novels a month (yes, I do know someone that fast).

However, I need to go a little faster than usual since I made the mistake of promising that A Modicum of Truth would be out by my birthday, aka Halloween.


As of last night, I have a little over 20K written on the second volume of the Justice series. I'll need to write 60K by the end of the month (or pretty damn close) to meet my original deadline. Is it doable? Yes. Have I done it before? No.

But I'm determined to get it done because I refuse to disappoint any more readers, including myself. So time to nibble a little cheese, and ARRIBA! ARRIBA!


  1. Go go go! [waves pompoms for you]

    I love that series. More books please. :D


  2. Working on it, Angie! Working on it!

  3. *Starts building an encouragement fort of different cheeses, fruit, and magic chocolate (fat, calorie, allergy-free*

    I'm so glad! I know you can do it - Have a LOT of fun - I know I will when I sit down with my greedy little story-supping heart!



  4. Now y'all are making me nervous! LOL

  5. Oh no!

    Don't be nervous - I was just wanting to show you that I'm excited - I love your Balance playground and the stories you share from it. It could take another year and I'd be just as excited. I see from your posts that its been a rough one this past year and just wanted to encourage you and remind you that you are wonderful, supported, and well-loved by your community of readers.
    Just knowing that there will be another (schedule aside) is like confirming Christmas. Or Halloween. It gives us those two-year-ol excited wiggles. =)

    Happy writing!