Monday, September 18, 2017

Losing My Mind

Well, it's actually losing myself in story over the weekend and the last couple of weeks.

High school soccer season started six weeks ago, so DH has been gone most nights since he's the timekeeper for both the boys' and girls' varsity and junior varsity games. His absence has actually been a good thing as I try to wrap up pre-production on Ravaged.

My writing is amusing from an editorial point of view. I mean, how many "to"s can an author manage to leave out of a manuscript? Let me put it to you this way, my original word count for the first draft was 83K. I'm halfway through the final proofread, and the word count is closing in on 89K. *smh*

Then there's trying to get A Modicum of Truth written. As any writer will tell you, the middle of a novel is the dangerous place. It's where the story has a tendency to bog down in minutiae.

I'm trying hard not to have the heroes heads disappear under bullshit. Unfortunately, that's meant a few false starts and the ripping out pages that don't work. Don't worry. It'll get there. A fabulous idea will pop into my head.

Probably when I'm in the middle of my shower.

And I just can't hop out these days and scribble something down because I recently colored my hair blue and purple. If you've done this before, you know about color bleed over the first couple of weeks after dyeing.

But cool hair definitely makes me feel more creative!


  1. Yay! on having time to yourself for writing and such. :) And purple/blue hair sounds way cool! I've thought about doing something neat with my color, but it's very fine and damages easily, so repeated chemical treatments are problematic, plus it's pretty dark, so to have anything show from more than arm's length, I'd probably have to bleach it first and then dye it, which is chemical treatments x 2. [sigh] I have to satisfy myself with looking at other people's cool hair. :)


  2. Yeah, fine hair and bleach would be a major no-no! Unless you want the '90's Sinead O'Connor look.

    SPLAT is the product I use, and they recently came out with colors specifically designed for those of us with dark hair, jewels tones of red, blue and purple. No bleaching involved. Maybe try a streak or two and see how your hair handles it.

    My hair texture is starting to change with the onset of menopause; my super straight hair is becoming super curly. And that's before the bleach and dye! I figured if I wanted to do something crazy, I should do it while I can. LOL