Monday, October 1, 2018

Busy, Busy Busy!

Nope, still no new-to-me movies this week.

The network fall TV season began last week, so it's been a bittersweet start of good-bye to The Big Bang Theory. I was a bit curious about the new Magnum P.I. It may be interesting once Justin Lin gets out of the way. DH and I have given up on Lethal Weapon, thanks to last season's fight between the local Fox station and our cable provider. Murphy Brown, Mom, and SWAT are still on the DVR, waiting.

The Conners and Supernatural don't start until next week, and we'll have to wait until December for new episodes of The Orville. Netflix picked up Lucifer, but new episodes won't come out until sometime next year.

In the meantime, it's October 1st. The first day of the last quarter of the fiscal and Gregorian calendar year!

I've been exercising and writing. I want to have the first draft of Hero De Novo wrapped up by the end of October because I'm leaning toward using A Matter of Death as my NaNoWriMo project this year. I worked on it a little bit when I got stuck on HDN a couple of weeks ago, and the bug has struck again.

And yesterday while watching the Texans beat the Colts, I wrote the first draft of a student worksheet for a workshop I'll be teaching at the Findlay Public Library on October 11th at 6:30 p.m. entitled "The Write Stuff: Creating a Business Plan for Your Writing".

For more information on the class, go to the Findlay Public Library Calendar.

Preparing for this class has made me review and update my own business plan. You know, the one that was shot to hell this spring with my cancer diagnosis. But I'm healthy and feeling pretty damn good, so BRING ON DA WERDZ!


  1. You're unfortunately not missing much by not watching Lethal Weapon. :( Since you've quit, I'm going to ignore spoilers and just tell you -- Riggs is dead. O_O Remember at the end of last season when his half brother shot him in the cemetary? Then that was the end of the episode, and the season, dun-dun-DUN! Well, they started the new season and he's actually dead. [headdesk] They brought in a new guy who's CIA, and apparently under cover at the LAPD as a rookie uniform, who did a bunch of sorta-crazy stuff with Roger, and now he's Roger's partner, a detective. Because that's totally realistic. He's about 80% Riggs -- all action-dude and diving in to do incredibly dangerous stuff by himself, although in CIA-guy's case, it's more because he was trained for it and has experience doing that stuff, rather than being suicidal. But still. [sigh]

    I Googled a WTF?? and found that the actor who played Riggs was apparently hostile and intimidating to people on set. Okay, I can see why they'd want to fire him. [sigh] I'm not sure Lethal Weapon can work without Riggs, though. I mean, I love Roger, and Trish is awesome, but Riggs is kind of the reason the show is a show. It was the same in the movies; Roger was about to retire before Riggs came along, so...?

    I get why they did it, but I still hate it. I'm giving it a couple more episodes, but if they don't convince me, I'm gone.

    Congrats on the class! Baby writers can always use someone to explain to them how the business works, and that they have to do the business stuff. :)


    1. LOL You weren't spoiling anything. I already cheated with Wikipedia. The only interesting thing was they used Lorna's (Renee Russo's character in the movies) last name for the new guy. It would have been a lot more interesting if they'd Rog with their version of Lorna since she was just as crazy as Riggs.

      I still wish Trish was a romance writer. That was a heck of a lot funnier.