Friday, December 28, 2018

Editing My Heart Out

Last Saturday, I wrapped up the copyediting on Hero De Facto and e-mailed it to my alpha reader's Kindle. Unlike a lot of other writers, I don't use beta readers.

Why? Because at that point the entire series is pretty much done in my head. It's simple a matter of setting it to bits and bytes for other people to consume. But I trust my process, and it/I manage to entertain a number of people.

I think that's where the fine line between overconfidence and underconfidence in writers lie.

There are those who haven't studied craft enough to understand why their story isn't doing well in the market. However, they think the piece is brilliant, and therefore, everyone else must be idiots.

On the other hand are the writers who want their piece to be brilliant, and they seek out third parties' validation in an effort to be deemed brilliant by those the writers esteem. It really doesn't matter to them if the story is readable by the general populace.

Want to know my secret?  I'm not looking for brilliance, though I write the best I can with every piece I create. I want to entertain. If one of my humorous adventures brightens your day, then I know I have succeeded.

So far, my alpha seems to be amused in the right places, and that's what I really care about as a writer.


  1. Same here. [high-five] I publish what I write hoping some folks will enjoy it. I don't go combing through every sentence, word-by-word, sixteen times with a thesaurus in hand looking for the perfect word (the whole lightning-vs-lightning-bug thing has caused a bazillion writers to stress out to the point of crashing and burning, which really sucks), nor do I assume every line I write was scribed in marble by the fiery finger of God. It's stuff I like, and I hope some other folks like it too, no more and no less.


    1. [high-five] back at yah!

      Seriously, I don't understand some writers. Right now, I have the BBC Doctor Who Marathon on as I go through e-mail. "The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang" is one of my favorite stories. Grand adventure, romance, and humor--all the things I love. That's my lesson, write about the things you love.