Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Winter Hangover

January 2nd always feels super BLAH after all the excitement of the holidays. There's nothing wrong with the day, except having to go back to the drudgery of our workaday lives. I commented to my friend Jo that it feels like a hangover.

He pointed out that on January 2nd, we do indeed suffer a hangover, an expectation/hype hangover. All that anticipation that's been built up over the month of December (or longer if the retail stores are any indication) disappears, often in a flurry of dreary weather and embarrassment about the overconsumption and overspending.

No more lights. No more decorations. No more treats.

No wonder everyone has the winter blahs.

This is when you curl up with a good story and a hot cup of hot chocolate or tea. Give yourself a little thrill to keep you going through the cold, dark months.

And if you think about it, March is a mere eight weeks away. Spring will be here before you know.

But if you need some warming up before then, may I suggest this picture of Chris Pine and Zachery Quinto?


  1. The pic helps a bit. :)

    2019 decided to open by tanking my health. I spent a good chunk of the morning of the 1st in the ER with the usual. They were slammed, but very creative; I got my IV with the meds I need while I sat in the waiting room, because it was workable and they had no free rooms inside. Fine with me.

    Then yesterday morning I started in with this pain on my lower-left back that got worse and worse. (Which is bleeping scary, considering how much pain medication I'm on every day; this was just what was breaking through all the meds, WTF?!) It's not a kidney stone, which is good, but that means it's probably just a muscle knot or cramp or something, so I just have to live with/near a heating pad and hope it goes away. :P At least a kidney stone would've been actively fixable. [sigh]

    No writing so far this year.

    Angie, wishing her New Year were mererly blah right now :P