Monday, January 28, 2019

Where in the World Is Suzan Harden?

Sorry for the radio silence over the past two weeks!

I've been racing to finish proofreading Hero De Facto before sending it to my formatter. The final version clocked in at roughly 105K. People are either going to love it or hate it.

I've also been trying to finish the first draft of Hero De Novo. The words are flowing, But I don't think it'll be wrapped up by Thursday like I had hoped.

My real problem for not having things I'd planned done by the end of January is kind of weird. I'm sleeping way too much. Like 11-12 hours a night. The issue has gradually become worse over the last five months. So I made a point of mentioning the issue during my quarterly checkups this month.

Of course, the first thought of the medical personal was I have clinical depression. But I've been there before. None of the other symptoms have happened. My work and personal life are chugging along like they should. Hell, I only wrote 1500 fewer words than last year at this time, but that's thanks to losing a couple of hours a day to the oversleeping.

When the docs were convinced it wasn't depression, that's when a bunch more appointments and tests were added to my calendar. Including a trip to the sleep clinic and a fun contraption I had to wear to bed.

You see, I'm still considered a cancer patient, and I will be for another four years. So a weird symptom shows up, every one jumps into action to make sure a few of those cancer cells haven't set up shop somewhere else.

But I'm not as far behind as I feared I could be when the extra appointments were added.

Except for these darn blog posts! LOL


  1. I hope it turns out to be something simple and easy to fix. [crossed fingers]

    Angie, who's still at the Series Workshop and has a story to write by morning....

    1. Get that story done! I'll talk to you when you get home!