Sunday, November 29, 2009

If Friday Is Black, Does That Make Saturday Gray?

Absolutely no writing had been accomplished the last three days, except for a lo-o-ong letter to a close friend.

Thursday was spent playing various board games. (For once, I actually kicked butt in Monopoly. If you've ever played with DH, you'll understand what an accomplishment this is!)

Friday I avoided going anywhere until I had to go to the day job. Again, I spent quality time with the family and eating pie. Then soaked my aching muscles once I got home from work.

Saturday? Would someone please explain the necessity of extended malls hours on the second day after Thanksgiving? My closing partner and I twiddled our thumbs for the last two hours of the evening. I could have gotten four-six pages written in that time. Time for another soak. Thank Sekhmet for a garden tub and sandalwood and lime essential oils.

*sigh* I'll be so glad to be back on a regular writing schedule come January.

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