Thursday, November 26, 2009


It's been a rough year on a number of fronts, but today I'm thankful I'm not celebrating in a hospital room. Fourteen years ago, I sat by DH's bedside after his second surgery relating to his colon cancer. The surgery itself was a sucess, the path reports were clean, but there had been complcations, so DH was reduced to eating green Jell-o for his dinner.

After spending our first and second Thanksgivings dealng with cancer, neither of us can really view turkey dinner in a positive light. I'll make it any oher time of the year, just not today.

The one exception was last year. GK begged and begged "to eat what other families eat on Thanksgiving." So we relented and I bought a turkey. And guess where GK ended up? Yep, the emergency room with a broken arm.

So today we're all thankful for the roof over our head, the Cincinnati chili slow cooking in a crock pot, and that no one's in the hospital.


And on that note, please say a prayer for writer Jay Lake and his family. Jay underwent his own cancer surgery yesterday.

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  1. This is DH, and I am just thankfull for being here with my family.

    I hope everyone elses Thanksgiving is as good!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!