Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Perfect Writing Environment

Currently reading - Flesh Circus by Lilith Saintcrow

What's the perfect writing environment for you? I don't mean your living room versus Starbucks's, your balcony versus your bedroom, or even the house full of noisy children versus utter quiet.

I mean, where do you like to be geographically?

Caribbean-born SF author Tobias Buckell choose to attend Bluffton College in NW Ohio exactly for its isolation so he could focus on his writing. In fact, I believe he referred to the area as "near-monastic." Of course, the first commenter asked if he was nucking futz. C'mon! Ohio versus the Caribbean?

I can understand Tobias's decision. In fact, I applied for a writing fellowship located twenty miles from the nearest metropolis for that very reason. If I'm accepted for this particular fellowship, I'll need a pick-up or a four-wheel drive to reach the ranch house.

Ironically, DH and I are planning to move back to NW Ohio. He grew up not far from Bluffton, so maybe I can cash in on that near-monastic environment after all.

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