Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

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I didn't post to the blog because of my craz-z-zy weekend.

Saturday involved a double feature program at the West Houston RWA chapter meeting. Then it was off to the Day Job, which involved hordes of desperate people buying Mother's Day cards and presents. Let's just say, Carol and I accidentally got locked in the mall because we were there so late cleaning a thoroughly trashed store.

Do you have any idea how late you have to be to get locked inside a mall?

Sunday, we hit the first showing of Iron Man 2. Fabulous, absolutely fabulous! C'mon! Robert Downey, Jr., and Don Cheadle mudwrestling! The only thing to make it better would be if the guys were in speedos instead of armored battle suits.

Then we hit the comic store for more book mylars and the appropriate Starfleet onesie for my friend Ro's brand-new baby girl. She's already getting the Lt. Uhura Barbie and a copy of Neil Gaiman's Bluberry Girl from me. And yes, I try to convert all children to Geekdom! Bwa Ha HA!

We topped off the day with dinner at Outback (because I'm really tired of the white meat diet I'm on) and watching the first Iron Man at home.

So, how'd you folks celebrate?

P.S. Tomorrow, I'll have another contest giving away another crit partner's book.

Oh, and to the idiots at the FTC, the movie tickets and popcorn were part of my Mother's Day present from DH and GK. So there! Thlbt!

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