Friday, May 21, 2010


Currently reading - Death in the Family by Charlaine Harris

I'm trying not to happy dance. Lots of good news this week. Some I can share. Some I can't. Yet. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

On the news I can share, I'm so happy my friend Carol's cancer surgery was successful. She's looking at being back to work sometime next week. Unfortunately, she's also still looking at a dose of localized radiation as a precautionary measure, but overall, the docs are pleased!

Also, this week has been pretty damn productive. I've got a rough outline for a new novel thanks to a little prodding from Rick Daley. Queries went out a few agents/editors. I entered a contest for the first time in years. And I'm close to finishing a short story for submission to a small, but prestigious, press.

Now that homeschooling is done for this semester, I'll have time to finish those edits on AVT and finish (I hope!) the first draft of the latest wip.

So in celebration, here's some eye candy for the Harrison Ford fans:

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