Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Contest Just Because of This Clip

Currently reading - Born of Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon

OMG! I write vampire stuff, and even I can make fun of the genre.

But when I saw this preview on my buddy Colleen Thompson's blog, Boxing the Octopus, I laughed my ass off. Vampires Suck was not on the list of summer movies I reviewed back in April, or I would have penciled it in as a must-see on my calendar. So when August 18th rolls around, I WILL be in the theater!

In celebration of vampires and vampire mockery, I'm having a paranormal contest. The books will include Kerrelyn Sparks's The Vampire and the Virgin and Sherrilyn Kenyon's Seize the Night. I'll give the lucky winner his/her choice of Team Edward or Team Jacob bandages. (Yeah, bandages. I saw them in Target and cracked up.) To enter, tell me your all-time favorite vampire movie in comments. And please, PLEASE remember to leave a name and/or e-mail address if you comment anonymously. (See rules and fine print below the clip.)

Legalese BS: This contest is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada. Comments will close at 11AM CDT on Thursday, July 15. All entries will be put in the notorious Captain Rex helmet and one entry drawn. Winner will be posted at noon on the 15th.


  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Both the movie and TV show!

  2. *VBG* The original Buffy is so worth it for Paul Reubens death scene alone.

    And there's only one word for the series - Spike!

  3. I loved "From Dusk till Dawn," mostly because of...well...George Clooney, but also because of the vampires and Quentin, who is just genius! Whew, is that enough gush for now?

  4. Oh, ROFLMAO! :D That looks great -- definitely have to catch that one! Hee!

    I think my favorite vampire movie is still the Frank Langella Dracula. Yes, the kite ending was kind of sucky, but up to that point it was awesome. My generation swooned over Langella's Dracula, and he was actually a real, non-sparkly vampire. :)


  5. Please, Zita, gush all you want! Quentin, Harvey and George were the perfect package in my book.

  6. LOL Okay, Angie, we're both showing our age here. I cut my fangs on Langella and Michael Nouri in the Cliffhangers series.

    Then my cousin introduced me to the Christopher Lee movies. *sigh* The good ole' days. . .