Monday, July 12, 2010

T Minus 1 Day And Counting. . .

Currently reading - Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison

Tomorrow is the Season 4 premiere of The Guild. As I said before, DH and I LOVE THIS SHOW!

In fact, DH loves it so much, he went out and bought a new router just for the Xbox with his own allowance. That's right. Not the household fund. His allowance.

Which means we can watch the premiere on the TV. (Quit snickering. It's a very old TV.) Now that's commitment to a show.

Anybody got an opinion on the storyline for this year? Think Fawkes really likes Codex? Or is he using their relationship to extract revenge for his guild's loss to the Knights of Good?

(Edit: DH pointed out I didn't object to watching the entire Seasons 1 & 2 over the last couple of nights through Xbox Live. Tonight we'll watch Season 3 after GK goes to bed.)

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  1. You mean I COULD HAVE used the houshold fund :)