Friday, October 29, 2010

Bitch Stabbed Me in the Back!

Who is the bitch, you might ask?

My own fucking subconscious, that's who.

I sing her praises, tell others how often she gotten me out of plot scrapes, rely on her to flesh out my characters, and what does she do?

She throws all my insecurities in my face.

The other night I dreamed I'm in a store, perusing the magazine rack.  I'm thumbing through a dream version of Entertainment Weekly when I stumble across an article about two people I know.  There's matching full-page spreads about the movies coming out based on books written by these two.  The article goes on to describe their rise to the NYT list, and how their next book contracts are estimated to be the seven figure range.

[Now, I know these two people in real life.  They've both worked their asses off to get where they are and are very successful authors, but in reality, it's nowhere near the level described in my dream magazine.]

As I'm reading the article, Bruce Campbell, in his Coach Boomer persona, leaps into the room.  He aims the blade of his hand at me and yells, "Sidekick!"

Thanks, Subconscious.  Thanks a lot.

[If you don't get the movie reference, download, rent or buy Sky High.  A little formulaic, but funny as hell.]


  1. LOL! Yeah, the subconscious definitely needs a working-over with a tire iron occasionally. :P

    That was a fun movie, BTW. As someone who watched the Wonder Woman TV show ever week as a kid, I love the Linda Carter part. :D


  2. Oh, subconscious is a total bitch!

  3. *grin* Yeah, Angie, you gotta love the writers, director, et. al., of Sky High. They put a ton of subtle in-jokes in the movie based on the actors previous roles like Snake Plissken, Ash Williams and Frau Blucher as well.

    When we saw it in the theater, after Linda's Principal Powers say her Wonder Woman line, GK turns to me and said, "But, Mom, she IS Wonder Woman." I'm such a good influence on him.

    And yeah, Tess, Subconscious has been good. She redeemed herself with a nice little dream starring Dwayne Johnson. *evil grin*