Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's a Good Thing I'm Not Writing

Currently reading - Random X-Men and Wonder Woman comics

I woke up this morning with the most Goddess-awful head cold.  Thank Djehuti, I'm not doing NaNo.  I'd be lucky to hit one hundred words with the pressure behind my eyes.

What I'm doing instead is bagging and boxing a huge portion of my comic book collection.  There was a time when I'd properly store my comics as soon as I read them.

Then came law school.  I'd read maybe part of my monthly shipment from Mile High Comics.  Then I'd stack them in the office closet with the promise that I'd take care of them during summer break.  Except internships and DH's frequent international travel meant Wonder Woman and her friends stayed in the closet.

Then came the bar exams.  I'd already pre-registered for the Ohio Bar Exam before DH took the job in Texas, so it seemed like a waste of money not to take it along with the Texas Bar Exam.  And yes, I was insane enough to take them both the same year.  Other than walking the dogs and a week in Hawaii, my nose was glued to books and practice exams for months.  And Wolverine and his buds got stacked in the closet without even a passing glance.

Then I got pregnant, literally three days after the Columbus swearing-in ceremony.  Soon after GK was born, I had to admit to myself that I needed cancel my subscription.  I wasn't giving my comics the attention they deserved.  And Batman and his co-horts still sat in the closet by themselves.

But now we're trying to prepare the house for listing.  That means cleaning out the closets.  I'm ashamed that I let my friends languish in the dark.   They brought me so much joy during a very lonely childhood.

So I gently bag each one, reading the occasional book that has a beautiful cover of Storm or Troia.  700 down, another 1000 to go.


  1. I haven't read comics regularly in ages, but when I was in the process of disengaging, I felt awful. :( I didn't have a job and just couldn't afford it anymore. And then when I did have the money, it was years later and the thought of catching up with even my most-favorite favorites.... [shudder]

    Nowadays I'll grab issues of a couple of favorite independents at SF conventions, but most of them post on the web anyway so I'm more likely to be getting graphic-novel style collections than individual issues anyway. And Batman and the X-Men have just had to get along without me. :(


  2. Darn, Angie! It sounds like I need to send you a care package.

    To be honest, another reason I dropped my subscriptions for the X-Men was Marvel's idiotic idea to make the White Queen and Cyclops a couple. The only greater Jump-the-Shark was DOOL's writers' "Marlena possessed by the Devil" storyline.

  3. to make the White Queen and Cyclops a couple

    Wait, what? O_O Umm, yeah, maybe I'm not sorry I quite after all. :P