Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Picking Your Battles

As a parent, you learn to pick your battles.  Unfortunately, yesterday was consumed by a battle I could not avoid.  There are times when GK digs his heels in where school is concerned.  He deliberately acts stupid in order to get out of doing something he doesn't want to do.  In this case, it was writing down each step of an algebra problem.  The scary thing is ninety-nine times out of a hundred he can do this crap in his head.  But that one time he's got the answer wrong, I have no idea where he messed up because no work has been written down.

And I. . . well, I had to be the mega-bitch.

No Xbox, no going over to his buddy's house because he did not get all his work done because he spent three hours fighting me over one stupid algebra problem.

So when you get that publishing contract, remember this one little question:  what's really important to you?  Is it the cover, the edits, the money?  Or is it something else?  Because I can guarantee you one thing--you won't get everything you want.  And if you fight too much over something relatively small, you may end up losing everything.

Welcome to real life.

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