Monday, February 21, 2011

Author On Her Own - Cheri Jetton

The wonderful Cheri Jetton is one writer who's taking the do-it-yourself track.  Cheri published three books with Avalon.  They rejected her fourth on the grounds it was too intense for their readers.  Cheri then pitched her book to other editors who wanted more sex, which, speaking frankly as someone who read Cheri's original proposal, did not work for the story.

Cheri, who's also a hell of a photographer, had someone photoshop one of her pictures and design a title.  Then she released Crimson Snow into the wilds of Amazon and Barnes and Noble for everyone to enjoy.

Go read it!


Teacher Sara Hansen witnesses a shooting and leaves Detroit to stay in her brother’s empty home on snowy Sugar Island, certain she’ll be safe in the remote location. Former homicide detective Daniel Leeds hears a shot and races from his cabin to the property next door, where he finds Sara bleeding in the snow. Though local police believe it’s a hunting accident, he’s not convinced. He allows Sara to recuperate in his cabin where he can protect her, but the arrangement soon begins to feel personal. Though they are drawn to each other, they know their lives are too different. His past has made him a virtual recluse, while Sara is compelled to help inner city youth.

When they’re apart, Daniel realizes the cops have made a critical mistake. He’s willing to lay down his life for her. But is it too late to save the woman he loves from a relentless killer?

For more information on Cheri Jetton and her books, check out her website.

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