Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Official Website (And Other News . . .)

I love my baby vampire bat!

For those who haven't heard (or searched me out already), my official author website is now live!  It was created by Amanda Church of Nytshadow Designs.
(If that name sounds familiar, that's because she moonlights at A.J. Church, author of Being John Bland.)

In the meantime, I've also started another blog, Blood Lines.  You can access it directly or read it from the feed at my website.  This blog is for the readers who may not necessarily be writers, to discuss characters and plots, both mine and occasionally other UF writers.

But don't worry, my lovelies!  I am not abandoning you!  WWW will continue to provide my experience (and screw-ups) in the indie publishing biz, news from the publishing world and videos of hot actors swinging their lightsabres!


  1. Have you tried the Google Plus thing? Here's hoping you have fun with your new Web site.

  2. Oh goddess, girl! I just finally got on Facebook. LOL I knew this would happen.

    I think playing with Google+ will have to wait until next week. I've got freelance deadlines I've got to meet first.

  3. I haven't done anything but my blog, and that's only for fun.

  4. I will definitely search you out once I'm on Google+.

  5. I'm not on it. Like I've mentioned, I just do my blog. Google Plus, right now doesn't interest me. Neither does Facebook or Twitter. By gosh, I don't even text.

    Just my regular blog.