Friday, September 2, 2011

Being E in a Print World

Currently reading - Baby, Drive South by Stephanie Bond (MMPB)

The mass market is shifting from print to digital slowly but surely, but there are still people who equate 'writer' with 'a bound collection of paper in my hand.'

Apparently, word is circulating through DH's hometown that I have books out. This is good news. Folks are asking family members where my books are available for sale.  Also good news. Then they find out my books are currently only available as e-books, they want to know when they'll be able to buy them in print.


This situation illustrates one of the main problems of being indie--I don't have enough frickin' time in the day to do everything.

Since I haven't tried formatting a print book yet, I already know it will be a labor intensive/serious learning curve problem.  I'd love to hire a professional book designer, but my funds are severely limited right now between GK's braces and my everyday car coughing its last breath on our driveway Wednesday.

So what's an indie writer to do?

For right now, I'm sticking with my business plan--edit and upload the next two Bloodlines novels; edit and upload Seasons of Magick: Summer; and write, edit and upload Fall and Winter.

Then I'll study up on formatting for print while I work on the next wip.  After the holiday insanity at the Day Job.  Which means January of 2012 at the soonest.

DH jokingly refers to my path as a previous president's decision to "Stay the course."  I look at it as following my business plan until it makes sense not to.

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