Friday, September 30, 2011

Should I Leave Agents on My Blog Wall?

Have you read this blog post by Janet Reid?

Yeesh!  I respect Janet, or at least I did, until that load of self-serving crap was dished out.

I'm sad.  I'm disappointed.

And personally, I'm tired of the anti-indie stance that agents and publishing houses have taken.  Why are they so fucking worried when allegedly, we indies weren't worth taking on as clients to begin with?

*sigh* Is there something in the air this week?  Between Kris Rusch, Passive Guy, Joe Konrath. . . Wait, nevermind, Joe always rants.  But you get my drift.

The dinosaurs are dying, and their blaming us cute, fuzzy mammals.

Yes, Traditional Publishing!  Zombie Hamsters will have you for lunch!

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