Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Status Update - September 2011

Currently reading - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis (MMPB)

Here's the numbers for all four of my books available for the month of August:

Amazon - 16
Barnes & Noble - 6
Smashwords - 15
XinXii - 0

Total books for August: 37
Total books for 2011: 122

Please note that all Smashwords downloads were for Creating a Business Plan for the Indie Writer, a compilation of a series I did for Pitch University.  It was available for free with the coupon code available at Pitch U. 

So for actual books sold, the real number is more like 22.

As I said in the My Big Mistakes post last week, I seriously dropped the ball in several aspects of my business. Bad Suzan!

Can I fix it? Yes, by returning to my original business plan and putting in some elbow grease.

P.S.  If you too want a free copy of Creating a Business Plan for the Indie Writer before the coupon expires on September 30th, go to Smashwords and enter coupon code EW59P at check-out.

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  1. Got my copy the other day, although I would be happy to buy it too! Can't wait to read it!