Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Times Are Changing, But Are Attitudes?

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[I'm on Day 6 of my numbers fast. Almost broke down and checked last night, but managed to hold myself back. Is there any correlation between not checking sales and writing over 3300 words since September 1st?  Yeah, I thought so too.]

Part of the whole indie movement is writers getting paid what they're worth. I may not sell as many copies as folks who trad publish but I make more per book.  (We've talked numbers into the ground so I won't rehash the calculations.)

Now, folks in traditional publishing are taking a hard look at what we're doing. Some of the scrutiny is good; some not so good.

The Good
If you've got experience with editing, formatting, covers, or marketing, then SF&F author David Farland is looking for you. He needs a publishing assistant, like now! Go to David's website and sign up for his newsletter for more information on what he's looking for. And he's willing to *gasp* pay his assistant(s)!

So why am I not taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity you ask? Because I'm the quintessential Scorpio who doesn't play well in someone else's sandbox.  I want my own sandbox, damn it!

Seriously though, I've been approached about publishing support positions over the last few months and said no because I want to focus on my own writing and publishing.  It's one thing  to help a friend.  It's another to work for someone else.

The Not So Good
If you're going to work for someone else, then you need to be paid.

Except some folks are trying to do end-run-arounds in the guise of a "favor."  I've sqawked enough about my opinion of agents acting as publishers (as in it's a serious fucking conflict of interest).  Yesterday, a trad pubbed person I know contacted me on behalf of her agent for information on how to upload to Smashwords.  This is the same trad pubbed person who literally spit on me back in February for daring to self-publish.

Look, folks, if you want to pay an agent 15% to publish your work, that's your decision.  (I still think it's stupid, but it's your career.)

But for the love of Djehuti, people!  Make sure your agent knows what the fuck he/she is doing!

Oh, and if the agents needs help then THEY should be paying out of THEIR OWN DAMN POCKET!  Not having their writers asking their indie acquaintances for "favors."

- The Angry Sheep signing off

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