Monday, December 5, 2011

Penguin Has Entered the Vanity Arena

I voiced my concerns back in September when I questioned Is Traditional Publishing the New Vanity Publishing?

Penguin has answered with a resounding "Yes!" Apparently they learned nothing from the Harlequin Horizons fiasco two years ago.

Book Country is their entry into the vanity publishing field. $549 to ONLY FORMAT your book plus 30% fucking per cent of each book sold?

People, do me and yourselves a favor--just say "NO!"

Remember Yog's Law--Money flows to the writer!

The ONLY exception is if You the Writer is also You the Publisher!!

If you don't know how to format, then learn. There's lot of free advice among the indie gurus. If you really feel the need to pay someone, go read the how-to books by David Gaughran, Scott Nicholson, Jon F. Merz, etc., and spend the effing $5 these guys charge. Hire J.A. Konrath's formatter who's a hell of a lot cheaper.

But for the love of Murphy, don't pay Penguin for life for something you can do yourself!

Just don't!

Angry Sheep
Who Just Broke Her Fucking Soapbox


  1. I hope people are listening to you!

  2. LOL Tess, considering my sucess rate on getting my own kid to clean his room, I'm not holding my breath that total strangers will listen to me.

    I just hope every writer looks at ALL their options and weighs them carefully before doing anything.

  3. Amen! People need to listen. Thanks for posting this. I learned my lesson the hard way.

  4. Savannah, that's the key--information.

    You had a bad experience, you learned from it, and you share your experience with others to keep them from going through the crap you did. You got your rights back, and tried a new method.

    And if I didn't say it on your blog, I love the new cover!