Friday, December 16, 2011

Status Update - December 2011

It's that most crazy time of year where we're all so busy with family and holidays that we barely have time to breathe, much less read. Those facts have been reflected in indie book sales, lots of of other folks' sales according to the gossip, not just mine.

On the plus side, both Amazon and Barnes & Noble are reporting 400% increase in e-reader sales over the same period last year. Anecdotally, I was wrapping 1.5 iPads per shift at the Day Job (there's an Apple store down the hall from us) until the boss had to nix gift wrapping because we are just too busy this year. And from my experience this Christmas, customers are definitely wanting more bang for less moola, which is a plus for indies since the NY publishers don't appear to be lowering their e-book prices any time soon.

Personal opinion - we indies should see sales sky-rocket in January and February as folks redeem their gift cards and have more time to read.

Anyway, on to the actual numbers for November:

Blood Magick -1
Zombie Love -2

Seasons of Magick: Spring - 3
Die for Me (formerly Seasons of Magick: Summer) - 7

Creating a Business Plan for the Indie Writer - 1

Total - 14

Final note: My marketing guru suggested a change in cover and title for SUMMER. She thought the cover was too plain, the title unimaginative. Sales dropped after the new cover/title went live, but I'm not sure if it's relective of the overall e-book drop, the fact that it's not really linked with SPRING any more, or if the plainer cover did attract more readers. I'm going to leave Die for Me alone until the end of January or when AUTUMN is ready to be uploaded (which ever comes first). Hopefully, I'll have some more data for y'all.


  1. Interesting, Suzan. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ivy, I just figure folks looking into indie publishing need perspective. I'm not knocking sales records out of the park like Amanda Hocking or John Locke, but I'm doing better than one sale a month. *grin*

  3. Have you considered writing a feature article for one of the major writing magazines?

  4. Ivy, honey, I really appreciate the suggestion, but first, I need to move to a planet that has days longer than twenty-four hours.

  5. Oh, no I'm sorry. It wasn't a suggestion. I just wondered if you were going to go that route. My bad for not explaining my question.

    Happy Writing :-)

  6. LOL Sorry for the misunderstanding. I wasn't planning to at this time.

    Actually, I've been writing a legal column for a law enforcement magazine for the last four and a half years. Between that, the Day Job, homeschooling the Genius Kid and getting Angry Sheep Publishing off the ground, I've got my hands pretty full.