Monday, January 30, 2012

Digital Book World Conference 2012

I'll be blunt; it's a good thing I didn't go to the DBW conference last week. With some of the sheer stupidity being spouted, I would have thrown my drink in someone's face (best-case scenario), or I would have decked someone and spent the night in jail for assault and battery (worst -case scenario).

Needless to say, I kept my eye on the Twitter feeds and other folks blogs for news all week. Here's some of the highlights.

Best Original Tweet Award goes to : "Heard at : Self publishing costs publishers $100 million in opportunity”

Best Response to Best Original Tweet? : "LOL self-pub is the new piracy!"

These publishers HAD the opportunity; they rejected the opportunity. If you reject the opportunity (And I do mean literally reject it. Would you like to see my files?), that's your own damn fault, publishers! 'Cause guess what? I've discovered there is a market for zomromcom (that's zombie romantic comedy for the uninitiated). May the zombie hamsters eat you for lunch!

Here's some links to blogs reviewing DBW12:

Social Times talks about the panel on Strategies for Social Engagement.
Bookmasters has links to several bits of news that came out of DBW12.
Bob Mayer and Jenn Talty have DBW Day 1 and DBW Day 2 to review.

And if all this short-sightedness just pisses you off, like it did me, go read Bob's take on why vampires and zombies are illogical and stupid. Oh, and why they shouldn't glitter either. I write this stuff, and I still found Bob funny as hell.


  1. Ohh, I didn't keep up...again, I try to keep my head down and my mouth closed...otherwise I'd be side you in the cell!

  2. As the saying goes, a friend will help you, but a real good friend will be sitting next you in jail, saying "Damn! That was fun!"

    To use another cliche, so many pundits are trying to lock the barn after the horses are two states away.