Monday, January 2, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Recommended Blogs, Part 2

2012 feels so fresh and new, doesn't it?

Here's some of my favorite blogs that you should check out this year. Some I peek at when I need a break and some when I need to think outside the box.

Angie's Desk by Angela Benedetti
Angie writes gay romance and erotica for Torquere Press, but in her blog, she also cover social justice and equal rights.

Lakeshore by Jay Lake
Sci-fi author Jay Lake talks about life, his daughter who's the same age as GK, and the struggles of fighting cancer for the last three years. DH and I both read Jay's blog because DH was in Jay's shoes seventeen years ago.

Musetracks by Jennifer Bray-Weber, Marie-Claude Bourque, Candace Wall and Stacey Purcell
I don't read Musetracks because I know two of the gals personally or because of their great programs, like Agent Shop. I eagerly await Jenn's Wednesday Writing Prompt. Beefcake. Yum!

Neil Gaiman's Journal by Neil Gaiman
It's Neil "F***ing" Gaiman! What more do you need to know? Seriously, though, Neil promotes a lot of causes in his blog that I support, like the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and Kickstarter.

Nina Cordoba by Nina Cordoba
I've known Nina for almost seven years. Trust me, her real life is so funny, no one would believe it.

Professor Beej by B.J. Keeton
Beej really is an English professor who analyzes pop culture. He's also the only person I know more obsessed with Star Wars than GK.

Alice's Bucket List by Alice Pyne
Alice is a sixteen-year-old woman, who lives in England and faces terminal leukemia. She's braver and smarter and far more articulate than most adults I've encountered in my life.

The Girl with the Shakespeare Tattoo by Joni Rodgers
Joni is a writer who happens to be a cancer survivor. She beat the odds to become a NYT Bestselling author. I cannot gripe about anything in my life after all Joni's accomplished with hers.


  1. New-to-me blogs! Thanks for these recommendations--I'm off to read. Happy New Year, Suzan!

  2. Hope you enjoy them, Pat! Thanks agian for nominating me, and a Happy 2012 to you too!