Friday, February 3, 2012

Latest Industry News

Well, it finally happened. Chris Keeslar, the last editor at Dorchester Publishing has left the company. All I can say is, "Chris, what took you so long?" Keeslar always struck me as a bright guy, but I think his loyalty was severely misplaced. I wish him the best.

However, Dorchester says it'll be business as usually despite Keeslar. Translation: We will continue to screw over anyone who signs with us. Which is probably why the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America lowered the boom and removed Dorchester from its list of approved publishers.

Book Expo America is actually considering letting the public attend the event for one day. Wow, novel concept, guys. Actually acknowledging your bread-and-butter. We'll see if it actually happens though.

Amazon has officially invaded opened an online store in India. However, only acts as a facilitator. It provides to where customers can actually buy the desired merchandise. The reason for the weirdness is Indian law prohibits foreign retailers.

Here in the U.S., investors are pissy because Amazon only showed an 8% growth in the fourth quarter of 2011. *head desk*

In the meantime, Amazon got pissy about Goodreads using their descriptions for books. According to the rumor mill, Amazon demanded money. Now Goodreads will be getting their data directly from Ingram (not necessarily a good thing since Ingram will only recognize books with ISBNs).

Then there's the news that's frankly NOT new. Barnes and Noble has stated (again) they will not carry Amazon products.

You know, I'm really glad to be indie publishing right now. Have a good weekend, folks!


  1. That right there [points up to Amazon's growth news] is IMO about 90% of what's wrong with our economy. Amaazon is one of the few companies willing to sacrifice short-term profits in favor of long-term investment. This is a good thing. Wow, a company willing to look beyond the next quarter's bottom line! And gee, they're kicking ass on all their competition! O_O

    And yet the way our economic experts see it, that makes them a bad company, and their stock worth less. Uhhh, yeah. [sigh]


  2. Not disagreeing with you on our current economic climate one bit, Angie. I wonder how long the corporations that own the Big 6 will tolerate their loss in profits.