Monday, June 11, 2012

Did You Post A Spam Book on Amazon?

Amazon's Kindle store was flooded with spam books almost from the moment they opened the portal. In fact, I talked about private label rights and the fallout last August. Then there were the people scraping websites, those who made books out of blurbs and reviews out of popular tomes, etc.

Well, Amazon FINALLY decided to crack down last week. And it wasn't just an announcement this time.

How do I know? I got an e-mail from the folks at Amazon KDP asking for proof that I hold the copyright to Creating a Business Plan for the Indie Writer (2nd ed.).

In a way, it was kind of funny. The original book was created from a series of blog posts I did here and from some guest posts that I did for other folks. So the Amazon folks were right when they pointed out that CABP 2.0 had a lot of public content in it.

What wasn't funny was the couple of hours I had to spend digging up the documentation I needed to prove that I was the copyright holder of the text. (If you saw my office right, now, you'd understand. It makes the 'Before' pictures of Casa Nuevo Rancho Lake look like Martha Stewart's house.)

I finally got everything together to show that only the first edition was available to Jane Public, and that the second edition was only available by e-book or through a pay wall. Amazon sent me a polite thank you e-mail and said CAPB 2.0 will remain for sale on KDP.

So the lesson in this? Make sure you document the hell out of any book you create from your blog. The Amazon police are watching.


  1. Glad everything went well for you.

  2. On the bright side, Ivy, I'm glad Amazon is following through with their promise to clean up the spam.

    And it was a nice little reminder that I need to be better organized if I have a home business.