Monday, June 25, 2012

Lessons Learned - Amazon Alert!

No, Jeff Bezos is not raising Amazon's KDP rates.

However, something funky did happen while I was uploading m alter-ego's latest tome over the weekend. I got the "Your Book Is Live" e-mail from Amazon Saturday night, but when I clicked on the page, I got an odd message:

"This book is not available in the United States."

I panicked, double-checked the rights (yep, I clicked on "World"), had DH access the page, and then panicked some more.

DH, trying to be helpful, said, "Have you checked the FAQ?"

His reasonable suggestion pricked a hole in my panic balloon. I stomped downstairs. After an hour of poking around Amazon's website, I found the answer on the Kindle Boards.

Apparently, something occasionally gets out of synch on Amazon's behind the scenes processing. The page isn't fully constructed before the automatic "Live" notification is e-mailed.

Needless to say, the page was active and I'd already made a sale when I got up this morning. All this within the forty-eight hours Amazon says to give them for the item page to go live.

*sigh* I hate that I sounded like one of those people who run around screaming, "Amazon will rape us and eat our babies."


  1. The dingo at your baby!

    I freak pretty easily, so I SO understand this!

  2. Considering GK is only eleven and now five-five, he'd feed a whole pack of dingoes.

    LOL I still feel stupid two days later.