Monday, June 18, 2012

WTF-ery from Merry Ole' England

Whatever idea I had for today's blog got lost in the ether when I read this article in The Telegraph.

Seriously, Joan Brady? E-books are only for porn? Paper books are status symbols?

What f***ing century does this woman live in? Everyone knows that iPhones and iPads are the current status symbols.

All snark aside, I feel sorry for someone who is so out of touch with reality.

Personally, I read for the contents, not the status symbol of the container. And quite frankly, my Joan Elizabeth Lloyd hardcovers (erotica, read) are on the shelf with The Collected Works of Shakespeare (plays and poetry, read) and the Twilight series (YA vampire romance, read all of them but Breaking Dawn).

I don't think Joan B. realizes she lost a bunch of readers from her double slam.

I just wish we had e-readers twenty-five years ago. Then I wouldn't have had to deal with awkward young men on the subway, trying to pick me up by talking about the Star Trek novel I was reading.


  1. Yes, this woman's way off in the weeds. She has a classic case of everyone-is-exactly-like-me syndrome. As a member of a very tiny literary clan, she has no clue how most readers think or behave. Or even what most people read, I'll wager. [eyeroll]


  2. Um, I don't think she's in the weeds. I think she's smoking them. *grin*

  3. Everything's changing, almost daily. ST: TNG had the PADD; we have the iPad. Music, movies, and now publishing... everything is shifting faster than we can track it!

  4. Will, as my great-grandfather would say, "The only constant in the world is change."

    This is a guy who watched the world go from the horse as the primary mode of transportation to Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. But I really doubt Grandpa would advocate going back to using the outhouse just because it came before indoor plumbing.