Friday, July 20, 2012

Status Report - July 2012

Since someone is absolutely, positively enamored with my status reports, I'll give y'all some trivia:

Current work-in-progress: Blood Sacrifice (Bloodlines #5)

Total number of words as of midnight: 19,390

Next project: Seasons of Magick: Winter

Total number of books sold in July as of midnight: 240

Total copies of Zombie Confidential (Bloodlines #2.5) given away since it was published on May 25th: 501

Retailer where I sell the most e-books: Barnes & Noble

Top selling title: Season of Magick: Spring though Zombie Love is gaining fast

Oddest compliment I've received: "This book is better than I thought it would be."

Country with the most visitors to the blog: Russia (Seriously, guys, if you know a little English, leave me a note. Spaceba!)

Country with the most vocal fans: United Kingdom. Thanks, guys!

Anybody have any other question?

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