Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thoughts on Reviews

It's starting to happen. I'm getting reviews on my books by total strangers. I'd steeled myself against 1-star, "This sucks!" reviews. That stuff is a part of writing life.

Yes, I'm aware of the rule that I shouldn't contact the reviewer, no matter what their opinion is. And I know I  DEFINITELY should not do a Tom-Cruise-bat-shit-crazy-interview-with-Matt-Lauer type of response. I can honestly say I have not communicated with a reviewer that I didn't already know in person.

But I wasn't prepared for and what shocks me are the "I'm surprised how good this is" opinions. The "you haven't been properly vetted, so this can't be entertaining and/or grammatically correct, but it is" feedback. Or the latest "I'm a little pissed that I like an indie book."

Okay, I'm reading between the lines, but that last one is pretty much the gist of one review. The reviewer HAD to give it 4 stars because the story was shockingly decent.

Sometimes, readers' impressions of a writer's work throw the author on her keister. As long as I don't get the same reader that my friend, Colleen Thompson got. The one who marched up to Colleen at a book signing and told her that she hated Colleen's book. And the lady read it four times to make sure she hated it.

I'm sorry. My good writer manners would dissolve in the face of such excellent snark material.


  1. ROFL! Hey, if you're going to get weird reviews, those are the kind to get, right? :D

    Closest I've ever come (protected as I am by the adamantium banner of a small press label [cough]) is something like, "I don't usually like this [trope/device/whatever] but I loved this book anyway." I'll take that, definitely. Seems to me your readers are saying the same thing, that they don't usually like indie books (like that should make a difference for whatever reason) but they like yours. Yay? :)


  2. LOL Angie!

    As I told a friend, it's a 4-star review out of a possible 5. I'll take it!