Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Movie Mania

DH and I had a date afternoon yesterday, and we went to see The Expendables 2. If you want serious, dramatic Oscar-potential shit, go see some other movie. This was a pure '80's testosterone fest.

It follows the standard action tropes. Good guys on a mission to save the world lose new kid on the team with everything to live for (played by Liam Hemsworth, who I honest-to-Anubis thought was his big brother Chris when I first saw the trailer) and want to exact explosive vengence on bad guy Jean-Claude Van Damme's ass.

I didn't expect a whole lot of plot, but definitely a ton of one-liners. Sly and co-writer Richard Wenk did not disappoint. They used Chuck Norris in a hysterical deus ex machina cameo. (Damn, the man does NOT look seventy-two!)

Then there were Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzanegger trading tag lines from each other's movies:
Trench (A.S.): I'll be back.

Chruch (B.W.): You'll be back? You've been back enough. I'll be back. (stalks off and shoots people)

Trench (A.S. under his breath): Yippee-ki-yay.

My only disappointment was that Mickey Roarke wasn't back for this one.

People ask how I write good action scenes in my books.  I have to admit watching way too many of these guys' movies is how I learned to write fight scenes.

Like I said, this movie is definitely a fun, popcorn non-thinking movie. And that's exactly what I needed yesterday.

I think the only three '80's action icons who haven't appeared in an Expendables movie are Harrison Ford, Hulk Hogan and Mel Gibson. Since the producers have already green-lit a all-female version of The Expendables, it's only a matter of time before E3 starts production.

Any suggestions on who should be in the all-female cast or the third guys movie?


  1. I had to skip reading the review because I'm pretty sure when this hits NetFlix, I'll give it a go.

    But I did want to say howdy.


  2. Hit Netflix and check out the first movie!